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Foundation Replacement
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Foundation Replacement

What is Involved in Foundation Replacement?
There are various reasons for a complete foundation replacement of a house.

Some of these reasons are:

1. The house has no foundation.
2. The foundation is made of unreinforced masonry, such as brick,
stone, etc.
3. The concrete foundation is badly deteriorated.
4. Faulty or poor quality materials were used in the original foundation.

A complete foundation replacement is typically done in two or more segments. For example, first the north and west foundations are replaced. Subsequently, the south and east foundations are replaced.

The outside of this home shows no apparent signs that its foundation has badly deteriorated.

Underneath, however, the foundation is crumbling.

Sister Foundation

What is a Sister Foundation?

Some of the pros and cons of a “sister” foundation versus a complete foundation replacement:

· Typically, a sister foundation is less expensive.
· The exterior of the house is not affected. This is especially important with historic structures or homes with beautiful river rock or brick foundations.

· The weight of the exterior walls of the house will still be supported mostly by the original foundation.
· A sister foundation is not always practical. Certain clearances are needed.

Foundation Underpinning

What is a Foundation Underpinning Retrofit?

There are various reasons for foundation underpinning.
Some of these reasons are:

· To support the additional loads of a second-story addition.
· The existing foundation has settled or rotated at some areas.
· Removal of load bearing walls.
· Addition of strong shear walls.

Each foundation underpinning retrofit is a unique situation and has to be designed by a professional engineer or an architect.

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